BW_i’s information events give you up-to-date insights into countries, markets and areas of innovation, thus enhancing your internationalisation skill set.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the field of internationalisation. During this time, we have established an extensive network and we maintain valuable contacts to experts in business, science and politics across the globe. This allows us to provide information and host information events that are relevant for your business, your university and research institute, your cluster and network, and that are adapted to the latest developments on the target markets.

What you can expect

Our distinguished speakers and experts from Germany and abroad provide you with first-hand information. Depending on the circumstances and on customer demand, these events can take place as live physical events, virtually or in a hybrid format.


In addition, our podcast “Treffpunkt Internationalisierung” allows you to listen to exclusive content relating to internationalisation.

Do you work in business?

If so, you can look forward to our events, for example the “Wirtschaftstage” or webinars with information about business opportunities and risks in selected markets and regions as well as on specialist topics across international borders. Entrepreneurs from Baden-Württemberg recount their experiences of the respective target countries, giving you individual insights and practical recommendations. Depending on the event, there is also an option to talk to the speakers and company representatives in person.

Do you work in science?

If so, you can look forward to our physical and virtual events with information on the latest developments in international university and research collaboration. High-ranking experts familiarise you with the international strategies for scientific institutions and give you an overview of different funding programmes. We also offer intercultural training events with a focus on China.  

Persons to contact

Cornelia Frank

Director Internationalisation & Investment

Barbara Houessinon-Junger

Director Innovation & Talent


Our information events offer not only valuable knowledge and practical recommendations, but also the opportunity to forge new contacts. Take advantage of our diverse offering and take a look in the calendar of events for an event that matches your needs! Can’t find an event you are interested in? Then get in touch with us any time.