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Here you will find information about BW_i in plain language.

What does BW_i mean?

BW_i is an abbreviation.


  • BW means: Baden-Württemberg.
    i means: inter-national.
    Inter-national means:
    different countries from all over the world.

-> BW_i therefore means: Baden-Württemberg inter-national.

BW_i is an office.
The office receives money from the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

The office helps companies and universities
which want to work in other countries.

What does BW_i do?

BW_i takes care of inter-national-isation and attracting business.

Inter-national-isation means here: Going to other countries.
BW_i helps companies and universities from Baden-Württemberg.
If they want to go to other countries.

BW_i organises various events for this purpose.

For example: trade fairs, conferences, seminars and trips.

  • Many people meet at a trade fair.
    And find out about a topic.

  • Seminars and conferences are also big meetings.
    BW_i provides information about other countries there.

  • Delegation trips are information trips to another country.
    On a delegation trip, companies from Baden-Württemberg visit another country.
    They visit several places and companies there.

At these events, people from Baden-Württemberg get to know
other people, companies and universities.

They receive important information about other countries.

Companies from Baden-Württemberg can then in other countries:

  • sell their products
  • or open their own building and office
  • or work together with the people there.

This makes companies from Baden-Württemberg bigger.

Universities from Baden-Württemberg can
find partner universities in other countries.
Partner universities are friendly universities.
Students from partner universities
can visit the other university.

Attracting business

Attracting business means here: Attracting companies and people
from other countries to Baden-Württemberg.

BW_i promotes Baden-Württemberg in other countries.
Companies from other countries then sell their products
also in Baden-Württemberg.
Or open their own building and office in Baden-Württemberg.
People and companies from other countries
give money to companies in Baden-Württemberg.
These donors are called: Investors.


BW_i also wants to attract talent from other countries
to Baden-Württemberg.
Talents are people
who are particularly good at something.
This could be

  • Workers and labourers
  • Students
  • Scientists and academics.
  • Skilled workers from other countries then work in a company
    in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Talented students from other countries
    then go to a university or university of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg.

Baden-Württemberg should thus remain a federal state
with successful companies and good universities.

BW_i has a news room.
You will find lots of news about BW_i events there.
For example: Information and news.

Success stories are also presented in the news room.
Success stories are texts about companies that have been successful.
Because BW_i has helped them.

Do you have any questions for us?

You can call us.

by phone: +49 (0) 711-22787-0

You can also send us an e-mail.

E-mail: info(at)bw-i.de

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