We market Baden-Württemberg’s strengths as a university and research location abroad.

With over 70 universities and more than 100 research institutions, Baden-Württemberg has a science network that is unique in Germany. No other German state has such a wide range of career opportunities for young talent, with each individual university and each individual research institute making a contribution. They are what make Baden-Württemberg an excellent and attractive location for students and young researchers.

Smart minds for Baden-Württemberg

BW_i uses various tools to market the German Southwest as a science location and publicises the wonderful conditions the state offers to an international audience. Our objective is to work together with the universities and research institutions here to attract highly qualified students and scientists to our state – thus bringing the best minds to Baden-Württemberg. Not only does this international talent enrich our scientific landscape through ideas and achievements, it is also essential for the long-term sustainability of our economy with its global links.

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Our colleagues Sonja Dube and Barbara Houessinon-Junger will be happy to answer your questions.

Persons to contact

Barbara Houessinon-Junger

Director Innovation & Talent

What we do as part of marketing the location: 

  • We organise shared Baden-Württemberg stands at student, career and networking trade fairs abroad – also for virtual events.
  • We use webinars and websites in English to provide information about the strengths of our science location.The online presence career start bw is geared to international schoolgoers and students on the one hand and young researcher on the other hand. It provides an overview of Baden-Württemberg’s universities, study offerings, the research landscape and career options in science in Germany’s Southwest.
  • We visit German schools abroad as well as international schools with German as the main language. These schoolgoers have a proven affinity to Germany, making them a particularly interesting target group for talent marketing.

career start bw

The portal provides information to international students about opportunities to study in Baden-Württemberg. Moreover, researchers from abroad can discover career options in academia in the German Southwest: In addition to providing an insight into the local research landscape, we publish current job vacancies at Baden-Württemberg universities and research institutions.