You can discover your potential abroad on our delegation trips.

Market exploration is time-consuming and expensive, but it’s the first step to gaining a foothold on new markets and acquiring international standing. With our delegation trips, we bring small and medium-sized companies, universities and research institutes as well as networks and clusters from Baden-Württemberg onto the global stage subject to fair terms and conditions, regardless of what stage of their internationalisation journey they are at.

On our delegation trips:

  • we facilitate low-threshold market exploration or specific business introductions and collaborations, depending on the type of trip.
  • we provide you with all relevant information and contacts for your exporting success to allow you to gauge opportunities and risks.
  • we bring together the right stakeholders – for example by means of collaborative or networking events – from potential business partners to business and science.
  • we support internationalisation using state funding and financial assistance from BW_i.
  • we add a highlight to selected trips through political back-up, which gives an additional boost to your business and collaboration opportunities in the target land and opens doors to new possibilities.
  • we respond to your individual requirements in order to create a forum where you can make lasting contacts.
  • you don’t necessarily need to travel. With our hybrid alternative formats comprising online and offline elements, we will bring you reliably to your target market.

Person to contact

Nina Lehfer

Head of Internationalisation

Our offer

Together with you, we overcome obstacles as well as international borders and industry boundaries. Take advantage of the expertise and global networks of the leading internationalisation service provider in Baden-Württemberg – and get an overview of our delegation trips in the calendar of events!