A Career Series for International Students & Young Professionals

This workshop series "Bound for Baden-Württemberg - A Career Series for International Students & Young Professionals" deals with the various topics to facilitate the transition from studying to working in Baden-Württemberg.

  • This workshop series is open to anyone currently living in Baden-Württemberg or considering the German Southwest for their career. All workshops are provided free of charge.
  • Each workshop lasts two hours and requires pre-registration. The workshops take place on MS Teams.
  • All workshops will be taught by Jessica Schüller, a Germany focused career coach, trainer, and international educator. The workshop series will be provied to you by Baden-Württemberg International / career start bw.


Baden-Württemberg is the hub for science, research, education, innovation, and technology transfer in the heart of Europe. Here, students, researchers, scientists, and professors from all
over the world are working together to tackle today’s big challenges. Learn more at career start bw.


In Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg is known as THE LÄND of work-life balance. If you are interested in living in a place that values a good balance between personal and professional life, Baden-Württemberg is the place for you! In this workshop, you will learn about preparing for career success in this economically strong state. We will discuss why you should target Baden-Württemberg in your job search, including key industries to consider and which companies are open to international talent. Whether you are already studying at a university in Baden-Württemberg, interested in doing so, or simply looking for an international career move, we will discuss post-graduation career opportunities in Germany, including finding an internship or job, conducting research and doing a PhD, starting a business and freelancing. Then, we will dive into your application process and materials, covering the standard and not-so-standard ways to approach German employers and get noticed. You will walk away with a roadmap for your next steps to start your career in THE LÄND of fairytale forests and hidden champions.


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This training is designed to introduce international students to finding an internship in Germany. It begins with an overview of the internship landscape and culture in Germany, followed by key information about internships in Germany based on academic research and market reports. Following, students are asked to conduct a bounded search for five different internships, which leads to a review of the avenues and methods for finding internships in Germany, particularly for students looking for English-language internships. Then, students are introduced to initiative applications and the power of a well-written cover letter and / or introduction e-mail. The final activity involves critiquing internship applications, in particular cover letters, concluding with a checklist for finding an internship in Germany. Students walk away from this workshop with a structure for finding an internship in Germany and special insight into English-language internship avenues.


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April 30, 1pm - 3pm CEST: "LEVERAGING LINKEDIN"

You may have heard Germans talk about all the ‘Vitamin B’ (B = Beziehungen, Relationships in English) they need. One part LinkedIn training, one part Germany career competency training, this workshop will help you stock up on Vitamin B for your Germany career plans. Beginning with a fast-paced and detailed overview of leveraging LinkedIn, we will go beyond the basics and give you recruiter-level insight into navigating the platform. Then we will discuss how to leverage networking in Germany - digital and analog - for landing informational interviews, projects, collaborations, and of course, internships and jobs. Relationship-building in Germany is about long-term, sustainable and transparent engagement, all things that will be enhanced by good personal branding – a topic you will leave this workshop feeling more comfortable with. Regardless of if you have been living in Germany for several years, or you are still considering it as an option, this workshop will provide you with quality LinkedIn and intercultural networking training that you can use across personal and professional situations with Germans.


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  • Termin 17.04.2024 - 30.04.2024
  • Stadt Online
  • Region/Land Germany

Claire Walter

Talent- & Hochschulservice

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