We are the one-stop-agency of the state Baden-Württemberg for investors

BW_i is the first point of contact for companies in questions of settlement and location development.

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We are progressing Europe’s leading innovation region

BW_i works towards securing and enhancing Baden-Württemberg’s position as a location for business and science in the long term. We do this by attracting businesses to the region as well as through collaboration and talent recruitment.

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We are Baden-Württemberg’s leading provider of internationalisation services

BW_i lends support to the internationalisation of business and science in Baden-Württemberg and is the central point of contact for companies, universities and research institutes as well as clusters and networks for all questions relating to internationalisation.

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We are making Baden-Württemberg international

Baden-Württemberg International is the central location marketing agency for business and science in and for Baden-Württemberg.

At Baden-Württemberg International, we see ourselves as an organisation that shapes the future using a proactive and integrated approach and makes a key contribution to the development of a state that is progressive and fast growing in the areas of business and science.

Our mission is to make Baden-Württemberg even more visible, attractive and resilient in the face of global competition as a location for business and science, to attract new stakeholders and to strengthen, support and assist local companies and scientific institutions on their internationalisation journey. We see the linking of business and science as a success factor. Incorporating art and culture in our activities also contributes to achieving this goal.

We aid progress in Baden-Württemberg

As a leading provider of internationalisation services in the State of Baden-Württemberg, our role is to bring business and science to the global markets and to position the state as an attractive location internationally – now and in the future.

We use our experience to provide support

Our task is to share internationalisation expertise, knowledge and networks and make these accessible to business and science throughout the state. With our competency, cultivated over a period of more than 30 years, we remove obstacles and clear the way for our clients to access foreign markets.

We show potential

Stakeholders from business and science have numerous options when it comes to internationalisation. Our ambition is to provide a relevant service tailored to client needs, showing them real potential for their proposed projects abroad and creating synergies across sectors and topics.

As a network builder, we bring stakeholders together

We develop and design networks, bringing together business and science, companies and investors, cooperation and business partners. With our offering, we create real-life platforms and places where valuable, lasting contacts can be made.

We market our state

International success hinges on visibility. As an organisation that markets our state, we showcase Baden-Württemberg as an innovation region at all major locations around the globe, making it visible for investors, cooperation partners and talent – for example at trade fairs and conferences, as part of delegations or when arranging collaborations.  

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